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Having said that, presently we shall proceed to deal with the first question we have stated hereinbefore. As has been repeatedly said, it cannot, and shall not, be the endeavour of this Court to evaluate the efficacy of auction vis-à-vis other methods of disposal of natural resources. Similarly, in the case of a Risograph, the long fibre Japanese type paper is the master through which the ink is pressed to reproduce the image or text.

The light is reflected by lighter/white area of the original, whereas the light falling on the darker area of the original is absorbed. It respects the mandate and wisdom of the executive for such matters. The methodology pertaining to disposal of natural resources is clearly an economic policy. The photo detector detects the reflected light and reads white and black areas of the original, as read by the scanner. She appeared to have been quite busy prior to her departure arranging for this matter and that, and she did not rely upon other persons’ help but personally attended to all that she desired.

Therefore, auction, an economic choice of disposal of natural resources, is not a constitutional mandate. It entails intricate economic choices and the Supreme Court India advocates Court India lawyers in Supreme Court (simply click the up coming document) lacks the necessary expertise to make them. Thus, the principles adopted for printing in the Risograph is akin to that found in screen printing. Master board is only for reproduction. Giving details of the Risograph machine, he submitted that the Risograph works by the process of automatic digital scanning, thermal screening duplicating systems.

To summarize in the context of the present Reference, it needs to be emphasized that this Court cannot conduct a comparative study of the various methods of distribution of natural resources and suggest the most efficacious mode, if there is one universal efficacious method in the first place. Her general health, though not exactly good, had not deteriorated so radically as to prevent her from attending to her normal avocations. The Court cannot mandate one method to be followed in all facts and circumstances.

The screen printing stencil prepared is equivalent to the plastic film coating on the cellulose fibre of Risograph master. It has been clearly established that Dr. At this stage, let us embark on a brief journey of printing from Gutenberg to date to see how it has evolved over a period of time leading to screen printing which is one of the most sophisticated form of printing. The third lie that she said was that it was Dr.

While under the first head the requirement of conformity of Government advertisements with dissemination of information relating to Governments constitutional and legal obligations and the corresponding rights and entitlements of citizens is being stressed upon, under the second head objective presentation of the materials contained in an advertisement bearing in mind the target audience has been emphasized.

The principal operations involved in the Risograph printer are screening, master making and printing. The learned Single Judge held that as the disability of the respondent was assessed at 20%, he was entitled to disability pension and as a consequence, quashed the orders to the contrary and directed the Union of India and its authorities to grant disability pension to him from the date he was discharged from service.

This master copy is exactly similar to a stencil used in a duplicating machine, which is then loaded on to the drum. Nevertheless, it cannot and will not compare which policy is fairer than the other, but, if a policy or Law firms in Supreme Cour of Indiat is patently unfair to the extent that it falls foul of the fairness requirement of Article 14 of the Constitution, the Court would not hesitate in striking it down. Time limit of four months was also outlined for the completion of the exercise, failing which it was ordered that the respondent would be entitled to interest @ 7.

When questioned, the Courts are entitled to analyse the legal validity of different means of distribution and give a constitutional answer as to which methods are 135 Page 136 ultra vires and intra vires the provisions of the Constitution. Right up to 9- 15 or so in the night, she was sufficiently strong and healthy to go about her affairs, and indeed, she must have boarded the train also in a fit state of health, because there is nothing to show that she was carried to the compartment in a state of collapse or unconsciousness.

Mouskar’s office to make the alteration in the case paper. Saify who told her outside Dr. There is no entry there showing a call having been made by Dr. The thermal head, which consists of hundreds of heat emitting elements, is used to make the master copy on the basis of the signal received from the image scanner. He was then on leave and in Indore. In this regard, reference to the authority in T.

Nagappa and Another[3] would be fruitful The printer’s scanner consists of photo sensors comprising of light emitting devices and of photo detector. We may, however, hasten to add that the Court can test the legality and constitutionality of these methods. Saify was not on November 13 in Bombay at all. The learned Single Judge on an appraisal of the contemporaneous facts and the documents available on record alongwith Regulation 173 of the Regulations and paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 7(b) of Appendix 11 thereto returned a finding that the invaliding Medical Board having failed to record reasons that the disease could not be detected on medical examination at the time of entry in service and that the same could not have aggravated during the course of his employment, its bare conclusion that those were constitutional in nature, was not in compliance of the Regulations.

The light emitted from the light emitting devices strikes the original. 10 clearly indicates that when the charge is one of fraud, the affected party is entitled to know the particulars of the alleged fraud and to inspect the documents on which it is based and to a personal hearing.

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Wigs and robes remain worn in the Supreme Court docket and also the District Court in civil matters and is also dependent on the judicial officer’s apparel. Robes and wigs are worn in all criminal cases.[nine] In Western Australia, wigs are not worn in any court.

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In lots of jurisdictions, Best Lawyer in Supreme Court must follow the cab-rank rule, which obliges them to accept a quick if it is of their space of experience and when they are available, facilitating access to justice for the unpopular.

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An individual named towards the bar and entitled to practise being an Best Lawyer in Supreme Court , notably in the higher courts.

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112 of 49, 333,382, 383 and 410 of 1950 and 241 of 1951, arising out of the judgment and order dated June 26, 1950, of the Punjab Special Tribunal. From 2001 the appellant commenced commercial production from the Dholka and Wavel Oil Fields (delayed on account of the UOI’s delay in handling over the fields) and availed the benefits Supreme Court of India Section 42 Deductions provided in Article 16 of the MPSC, which were duly allowed by the concerned Income Tax Officer at Ahmedabad. These appeals by special leave arose from applications made by the respondents, who were employed as timekeepers in the time office of the Central Railway Workshop and Factory, Parel, Bombay, claiming payment of overtime wages under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 (4 of 1936).

Besides, it would prevent the medicines being brought to the notice of the practising medical practitioners or distributing agencies. Appeals from the judgment and order dated August 2. If that is so, the manufacture occurs and if manufacture takes place, it is dutiable. When he was remainded that it was he who had taken the deceased for a walk which he was denying, the appellant replied that the deceased went with him upto the canal towards north of the village, but as he felt a headache he came away and it was not possible for the appellant to give any news about the deceased’s whereabouts.

As part of the performance audit of the Ministry/Department/Agency ” there shall be separate audit of the compliance of Advertisement Guidelines by the Ministry/Department/Agency concerned; and The annual report of such ministry/department/agency shall publish the findings of such audit and the money spent on advertising. 31 would be more appropriate to the suit claim. As it had become night and the deceased had not returned, Lila’s mother Brojeswari and.

her uncle Radharaman Sadhu searched for him. 30 would apply to the suit claim, whereas the 88 learned Counsel for the respondent contended that art. 30 governed the suit claim and proceed to consider the question on that basis. The UOI’s share of petroleum profit was also determined in accordance with the assumption that, and on the consideration that the appellant was entitled to the benefit of the Section 42 deductions and the UOI consequently also enjoyed a larger quantum as petroleum profits that it otherwise would have.

The learned Counsel for the appellant argued that art. The further contention urged on behalf of the appellant that the goods belong to the same entry is also not relevant because even if the goods belong to the same entry, the goods are different identifiable goods, known as such in the market. We shall assume that art. When enquiries were made from the appellant by Brojeswari he first replied that the deceased had not gone with him and that he did not know anything about his whereabouts.

The case of the respondents was that they were workers within the meaning of S. ” In the opinion of their Lordships, no action is proposed within the meaning of the sub-section until a definite conclusion has been come to on the charges and the actual punishment to follow is provisionally determined on. 2(1) of the Factories Act, 1948 (LXIII Of 1948) and as such were entitled to overtime wages under s. On this score, in our opinion, there is sufficient evidence. It is on that stage being reached that the statute gives the civil servant the opportunity for which sub-section (3) makes provision.

70 of the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948 (Bom. 2(1) of the said Act, they would nevertheless be entitled to overtime wages under the s. 1954, of the Punjab High Supreme Court of India in Criminal Appeals Nos. Prior to that stage, the charges are unproved and the suggested punishments are merely hypothetical. This process of elimination leads us to the consideration Supreme Court of India the applicability of principles (iii) and (iv) to the facts of the present case. The validity of the claim on both the grounds was disputed by the appellant.

˜Manufacture is bringing into being goods as known in the excise laws, that is to say, known in the market having distinct, separate and identifiable function. The accounts and calculations of the appellant claiming the Section 42 deductions and passing on the benefit to the UOI in the form of an increased quantum of petroleum profit in terms of the two PSCs , were duly audited and approved by the MoPNG’s government auditors. They went to the club-house where the appellant and his two co-accused Jagdish Gorain and Sudhir Gorain and the approver used to associate with each other.

The problem presented can only be solved by invoking the correct principle Supreme Court of India law to mould the relief on the basis of the facts found. Alternatively, they urged that even if they were not workers within the meaning of S. If that is the position, then the appellant was liable to pay duty. It was next contended that the Act was not in the interest of the general public as it could not be said that the mention of the names of diseases or instructions as to the use of particular medicines for those diseases was not in the interest of the general public.

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That question was not a pure question of fact, as it involved a consideration of the tests which should be applied in determining whether a particular unit is part of a bigger establishment. 52 of the Customs Act 1901 was held to be conditional legislation: Baxter v. Sterilization of all equipment used during an operation, and Supreme Court of India anything that in any way may touch the operative area, is carried out scrupulously in hospitals. 409 and 465 read with s.

Physicians and nurses wear sterile clothing. Otherwise, it would amount to negating the legal fiction that is created by the said provision, even to the limited extent. Learned counsel for the respondent is not, therefore, justified in asking us to adopt the short cut of disposing of the appeal on the footing that a finding of fact should not be-disturbed in an appeal by special leave. Ah Way (1) According to that case the legislature has to project its mind into the future and provide as far as possible for all contingencies likely to arise in the application of the law, but as it is not possible to provide for all contingencies specifically for all cases,, the legislature resorts to conditional legislation leaving it to some specified authority to determine in what circumstances the law should become operative or to what its operation should be extended, or the particular class of persons or goods -to which it should be applied: Baxter’s case (1) at pp.

Indeed, it is true that for the application of the tests certain preliminary facts must be found; but the final conclusion to be drawn therefrom is not a mere question of fact. 197 of the Code of Criminal Procedure might be available to Henderson, it was not enough to show that he was a Major in the Army but it must also be shown that he was an officer not removable from office except with the sanction of the Central Government and that in certifying the appellant’s claims, which was the crux of the offence charged against him he was acting or purporting to act in the discharge of his official duty.

604, 697 goods under s. In this case we cannot relieve ourselves of the task of determining the true scope and effect of cl. The discovery that heat, in the form of flame, steam, or hot water, kills bacteria made possible the advances of modern surgery, which is based on freedom from microorganisms, or asepsis, and prevention of contamination. The fact that medically speaking they are only used after sterilization would not bring this case within the ratio of the Brakes India case. Glass case and unlike the Brakes India case, are finished or complete in themselves.

In an Australian case relied upon by the learned Solicitor General the prohibition by proclamation of (1) (1944) L. They can be used or sold for medical purposes in the form in which they are. This is a case of manufacture of disposable syringes and needles which are used for medical purposes. On the same date the Magistrate ordered commitment of the four appellants to the Supreme Court of India of Session on these charges.

471 and 477A of the Penal Code. 25E by adopting the short cut suggested by learned counsel. On that date the Magistrate framed charges against the four appellants under ss. 25E of the Act, with particular reference to the expression ” in another part of the establishment ” occurring therein. On the contrary, it goes against the assessee while answering the question which has arisen in the instant appeals. Once the unabsorbed carried forward depreciation has become a part of the depreciation of the current year, it is not open to the assessee to bifurcate the two again and exercising its choice to claim the depreciation of the current year under Section 32(1) of the Act and take a position that since unabsorbed depreciation of the previous years is not claimed, it cannot be thrusted upon the assessee.

These syringes and needles, like in the J. This scrambled egg cannot be unscrambled now. The remaining three accused were discharged. All articles used medically in, let us say, surgical operations, must of necessity first be sterilized. The position would have been different if the assessee had not claimed any depreciation at all. In fact, the case falls within the ambit of the said limited extent of legal fiction and gets covered by it. Reference is also made to the American Emergency Price Control Act 1942, under which the administrator is directed, in fixing prices, to give due consideration so far as practicable to prices prevailing during a designated base period and to make adjustments for relevant factors of general applicability (Vide: Yakus v.

However, once the depreciation is claimed and while giving deductions the depreciation is to be set off against the profits of the current year prior to the unabsorbed carried forward investment allowance, it is the entire depreciation, namely, the depreciation of the current year as well as the unabsorbed carried forward depreciation, which is to be taken into account as by virtue of the fiction created under Section 32(2) of the Act, carried forward depreciation also partakes the character of depreciation Supreme Court of India the current year.

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The only moot question is whether at the time of signing of the Covenant the Suit lands were under the administrative control of the Household Department or not, in the light of Item No. The right of the respondent over the lands in dispute, as argued by the learned counsel, is not a right arising out of the Covenant, but it is a pre-existing right as the property in dispute always belonged to the Household Department of the then Ruler. If a right is created by way of document, then enforcement can always be sought.

Thus, the Excise Appellate Authority, for the purposes of cases arising under the Act, was vested with the power of the highest appellate Tribunal, even as the High Supreme Court of India was, in respect of the other group of cases. That does not necessarily mean that the Excise Appellate Authority was a Tribunal of co-ordinate jurisdiction with the High Supreme Court of India, or that that Authority was not amenable to the supervisory jurisdiction of the 1258 High Court under Arts. 304, where the provisions and effect of the Assam Revenue Tribunal (Transfer of Powers) Act, 1948, (Assam IV of 1948) have been set out, the ultimate jurisdiction to hear appeals and revisions, was divided between the Assam High Court and the Authority referred to in s.

226 and 227 of the Constitution. Both the company and the workmen have raised other points in their respective grounds of appeal; but as they have not been pressed before us we need not say anything with respect to them. 3(3), that is to say, for the purposes of the present appeals before us, the Excise Appellate Authority. But the juxtaposition of the two parallel highest Tribunals, one in respect of predominantly civil cases, and the other, in respect of predominantly revenue cases (without attempting any clear cut line of demarcation), would show that the Excise Appellate Authority was not altogether an administrative body which had no judicial or quasi-judicial functions.

It appears from the record that second additional summary of evidence recorded on 10-9-1981 was in compliance with the Army Rules 23(1), 23(2), 23(3), 23(4) and 23(6) in which the appellant did confess his guilt. The appellant made additional statement in addition to first summary of evidence on 10-9-1981 in the presence of witnesses, namely, IC-25616Y Major S. The Customs Officers instead of giving him a receipt falsely charged him with smuggling the currency notes out of India without any permit.

Gautam, independent witness and Major Amin Chand, officer recording summary of evidence. The conviction of Appellants-Raman Lal, Naresh and Bhagat Singh for offences punishable under Sections 325 and 323 of the IPC and the sentence awarded to them shall stand affirmed. had taken out the currency notes in question from his trouser pocket and handed over the same to the Customs Officers stating the circumstances under which he was carrying the same on his person and asked for a receipt.

The bar only relates to any change in the Covenant, whereas the respondent seeks interpretation of the same in true sense, hence the bar under Article 363 is not applicable to the present case. Learned counsel for the respondent has vehemently contended that the bar under Article 363 of the Constitution is not attracted to the present Suit as the respondent is neither seeking any insertion nor recognition of something which is already not recognised in the Covenant.

The respondent-plaintiff is neither disputing the Covenant nor is intending to meddle with it, but only seeking to establish her right by the new sovereign by referring to the Covenant. According to the appellant, he had applied to the Reserve Bank of India at Calcutta for a permit and had sent an application for that purpose to one Joshi in Calcutta. 14 of the list of properties furnished in terms of the Covenant. Thirdly, it must be proved that there was an intention to inflict that particular bodily injury, that is to say, that it was not accidental or unintentional, or that some other kind of injury was intended.

It appears from the record that despite giving warning to the appellant to the effect that he was not obliged to make any confessional statement, the appellant made written confessional statement on 22-10-1980. In these circumstances we are of opinion that both the parties will bear their own costs of this Court. Appeals and revisions arising out of cases covered by the provisions of the enactments specified in Schedule ‘A’ to that Act, were to lie in and to be heard by the Assam High Supreme Court of India, and the jurisdiction to entertain appeals and revisions in matters arising under the provisions of the enactments specified in Schedule ‘B’ to that Act, was vested in the Authority to be set up under s.

As would appear from the ruling of this Court at p. ” These rules, read along with the recent amendments, set out above, approximate the procedure to be followed by the Appellate Authorities, to the regular procedure observed by courts of justice in entertaining appeals. They shall be set free unless required in connection of any other case, as they have already undergone the imprisonment awarded to them. 25,000 in currency notes was with him was that he was not searched at all at the Customs barrier.

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Dutt Gupta being a lawful one which resulted in acquittal and which has never been set aside, another trial would place the appellant in (1) (1949) L. The judgement has to be dated land signed by the presiding officer in open Supreme Court of India. Irfan, Mahboob-ul-Haq, Aamir-ul-Haq, Amzad and 2/3 other Kashmiri boys were present in the office of Jamait-e-Islami, Sialkot. Section 366 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which is in Chapter XXVI headed “Of the Judgment “, requires that the judgment in every trial in any criminal court of original jurisdiction shall be pronounced in open Supreme Court of India and in the language of the court.

In our opinion the order of Chunder, J. The judgment reveals that the bordeoris who earlier belonged to five principal families of priests attached to the main temple at Kamakhya, now reduced to four families, were found to be not only the de facto but also de jure trustees of the entire concern in the Kamakhya Scheme of Endowment and the Dolois were really their agents or managers. In default of payment of the ” ordinary ” fines it directed the appellant to undergo further imprisonment for certain periods.

After the incident, Maj. ” This passage was quoted with approval by this Court in Pritam Singh v. After the judgment is pronounced and signed it has, under s. A title suit bearing no. 372, to be filed with the record of proceedings and becomes a part of the record and remains in the custody of the officer who is in charge of the records. The suit was finally decided in favour of the Dolois by judgment dated 25. Irfan, Wasim Ahmed and Mahboob-ul-Haq to ISI Office, Sialkot and praised them for planting the bombs and declared that their mission had been successful even though the Governor of J and (b) foreign companies providing any services or facilities or supplying any ship, aircraft, machinery or plant (whether by way of sale or hire) in connection with any business consisting of the prospecting for or extraction or production of mineral oils carried on by that Government or any person specified by that Government in this behalf by notification in the official Gazette.

Section 367 requires every such judgment to be written by the presiding officer (or from his dictationtion ) in the language of the court or in English, containing the point or points for determination, the decision thereon and the reasons for the decision. The State of Punjab(3). The Special Tribunal imposed sentences of imprisonment ranging from one year to three and a half years in the several trials. Lodh, it is not precluded from rectifying any error or defect in the order of the High Court and giving effect to the plea set up under s.

The High Court maintained the sentence of ” ordinary ” fines imposed by the Special Tribunal but set aside the sentence of ” compulsory ” fines. The sentences of imprisonment in all the trials were to run concurrently. The word ˜Bordeori or ˜Panda in relation to five families of Bordeoris was found used in old copper plate dated 1686 Saka era which was in force in Assam at that time and also in a parwana issued by the Commissioner of Assam to the Managing Bordeori in 1827 A.

It divided the fines into “ordinary” and “compulsory”, the latter by virtue of s. 45 of 1919 under Section 92 of the Civil Procedure Code was filed against the then two Dolois, seeking a fresh scheme for management of endowment known collectively as Kamakhya Endowment inclusive of Maa Kamakhya Temple or Devalaya. Except as otherwise provided by law, s. There was no such direction with respect to the ” compulsory ” fines. An illustration of this principle is brought out by the judgment in CCE, New Delhi v.

Farhan, Subedar Anwar called Mohd. ” the verdict is binding and conclusive in all subsequent proceedings between the parties to the adjudication. When a finished product cannot conveniently be used in the form in which it happens to be, and it is required to be changed into various shapes and sizes so that it can conveniently be used, no transformation takes place if the character and the end use of the first product continue to be the same. They had waited for the news of bomb explosions, killing of VIPs and general public in Jammu.

The object of that suit was held to be an attempt to supersede the Bordeoris from their exclusive management and control and substitute them with a body consisting of all subordinate Shebaits belonging to Brahmins of Nanan Devalayas as well as non Brahmins. The first trial of the appellant was before a court of competent jurisdiction and the verdict of acquittal was not a nullity; its efficacy was not impaired by any binding order of the High Supreme Court of India; and at this stage when the matter is properly before this court and the proceedings are a continuation of the proceedings before Mr.

In addition, it imposed fines of various amounts. , was based on an erroneous view of the vires of s. which used the expression ˜five pandas of Kamakhya Dham. At about 12 noon they received news about the explosions in MAM Stadium, in which lot of persons had been killed and several other injured. The High Court reduced the sentence of imprisonment to two years in all the trials where such sentence was in excess of that period. Both the parties have referred to the said judgment in detail not only to demonstrate the custom which empowered the four Bordeori families to elect Dolois which is the main issue decided by the judgment but also to highlight the claim of the Bordeoris and the Dolois that they being the sole trustees of the endowment were alone competent to elect the Dolois to supervise the affairs of the temple.

369 forbids the court, after it has signed its judgment, from altering or reviewing the same except to correct mere clerical errors.

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In other words, was the limestone quarry at Rajanka part of the establishment known as the Chaibasa Cement Works? 99 of 1947 Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki, I/C Court NRI Legal Services of Wards, Ganeshpur estate, district Barabanki. Was the lay-off of the workers in certain sections of the Chaibasa Cement Works due to a strike on the part of workmen in another part NRI Legal Services of the establishment within the meaning of cl. Appellant versus Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki, I/C Court of Wards, Ramnagar estate, district Barabanki.

), this Court dealt with the separating of wolfram ore from rock to make it usable. 2 of 1948 Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki, I/C Court of Wards, Ramnagar estate, district Barabanki. , (i) the poverty level,81 (ii) the minimum subsistence level, (iii)the subsistence plus level and (iv) the comfort level, and chose the subsistence plus. Appellant versus Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki, I/C Court of Wards, Ganeshpur estate, district Barabanki.

The Bombay Textile Labour Inquiry Committee, 1937, considered the living wage standard at considerable length and, while accepting the concept of the living wage as described above, observed as follows: level as the basis of what it called the “minimum living wage”. The petitioners were not allowed inspection of the papers. ” 708 Now, the central point round which the controversy between the parties has raged is this. At that interview, Mr. ” This represents a slightly higher level than that NRI Legal Services of subsistence, providing not only for the material needs of food, shelter, and body covering but also for certain comforts, such as clothing sufficient for bodily comfort, and to maintain the wearer’s instinct of selfrespect and decency, some insurance against the more important misfortunes-death, disability and fire–good education for the NRI Legal Services children, some amusement, and some expenditure for self- development.

The petitioners again wrote another letter to the’ Chief Controller reminding him that they had not received any particulars of the alleged fraud. ” Writing practically in the same language, the United Provinces Labour Enquiry Committee classified level of living standard in four categories, viz. The contention of the management was and is that the Cement Works and the limestone quarry form one establishment within the meaning of cl.

By their letter dated October 3, 1958, the Company recorded what took place at the said interview and sent it to the Chief Controller. 2 of 1948, were pending on the file of the High Court at Allahabad. It was held that the process of separation and sorting out pieces of wolfram or by washing or magnetic separation would not amount to a manufacturing process. The contention on behalf of the workmen is that they are not parts of one establishment but are separate establishments.

Between the two estates there was litigation and- at the crucial point of time, 449 two appeals, being F. The correctness of this view is the principal point for decision in this appeal. This letter was personally handed over to Mr. On behalf of the petitioner Company, the Chief Controller was told that it was not possible for the Company to give a complete explanation and that they reserved their right to give further explanation.

, the test of prejudice or the test of fair hearing. Both of them became wards of the Court of Wards and both the estates were under the management of the Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki. The validity of the order has to be decided on the touchstone of ‘prejudice’. The ultimate test is always the same, viz. The petition was signed by Sri K. Respondent It is clear from the said array of parties in the appeals that the same person represented both the estates, and the Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki, was both the appellant and respondent.

The learned Chairman of the Industrial Tribunal held, for reasons which we shall presently discuss, that the limestone quarry was not part of the establishment known as the Chaibasa Cement Works and the workmen in the latter were not disentitled to lay-off compensation by reason of cl. Sundaram, 497 the Director of Administration in the Office of the Chief Controller on October 14, 1958. The cause-titles in the appeals give the following array of parties F. Wolfram ore does not cease to be an ore even though by the aforesaid processes it may become concentrated wolfram ore.

It appears that the Court of Wards effected a settlement between the two wards in respect of the outstanding disputes between them, and, presumably as directed by the Court of Wards, the Deputy Commissioner, Barabanki, filed a petition in the High Court for recording the compromise. (iii) if such laying-off is due to a strike or slowing- down of production on the part of workmen in another part of the establishment. Therefore, every violation of a facet of natural justice may not lead to the conclusion that order passed is always null and void.

The appellant was the owner of Ganesbpur estate and the respondent of Ramnagar estate. Union of India, 1983 (13) E. It is well settled law that principles of natural justice are integral part of Article It is now settled law that the proceedings must be just, fair and reasonable and negation thereof offends Articles 14 and 21.